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Fall for Local Market

The Pipe Shop, Wallace Mews Rd, North Vancouver, BC , North Vancouver

Date: September 9, 2017

Fall For Local™ is community for established and emerging entrepreneurs interested in gaining brand exposure, sharing knowledge and collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs to promote the “circle economy” philosophy. 

Through events we act as a space for independent businesses to showcase their awesome brand and sell their goods, while cultivating new connections within the community. At it’s core it’s simply a desire to want to see local connecting with local — ultimately helping strengthen and organically grow the local economy.


Fall for local is hosting their market on September 9th at 10th at the Pipe Shop.

What better way to spend a weekend than indulge in locally crafted treasures and delicious treats? Last April 29-30, Fall For Local held its 2017 Spring Pop-Up Market at the Pipe Shop Building in North Vancouver. A plethora of independent brands filled the venue with amazing items and inspiring stories.

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