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"I received nothing but impressive professional service from all involved"
Ann-Marie Little,
The Plaza Galleries Whistler
Dishwasher Operators

- Dishwasher Operators


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Dishwasher Operators


Warehouse Operations

Job location(s)

8010 Winston Street, Burnaby

Ever wonder where those intricate cutlery or exquisite china came from at the last wedding? Do you want to work with people who make the magic happen on the most important days in the lives of our customers? Can you work in a fast-paced environment with enthusiasm and a strong work ethic? Do you step up to support your team? Get behind the scenes to get valuable exposure at the warehouse operations at Lonsdale Event Rentals.

Job Summary

You help clean and process all dish and glassware items with the use of large commercial washers or by hand. You will be required to wash, dry and package rental items for restocking. You will be responsible for inspection and quality control within this department. This is a very fast paced position and requires good endurance.

Reporting to

Warehouse Manager

Interacts with

Extended Operations Team

Job Duties

1.     Clean and process all kitchenware items with the use of large commercial washers or by hand

2.     Wash and dry kitchenware

3.     Inspect items for cleanliness and any damages.

4.     For electric appliances and propane equipment, additionally check for proper functioning

5.     Sort and package the items for restocking

6.     Stock the items in the appropriate shelf

Machines to be used

Industrial Flight Dishwasher


Experience with commercial dishwashing equipment an asset


On the job training provided


Team player

Reliable, with attention to detail

Ability to work efficiently to high cleaning standards

Positive and cooperative attitude

Experience with commercial dishwashing equipment is an asset


Responsible for inventory management

Inspection of kitchenware before stocking

Number of direct reports


Computer know-how


Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 40 hours a week

Shift working

Less than once a month

Working Conditions

Working in warehouse

Ability to lift 50lbs

May have long periods of standing or walking

Dress Code

Jeans, khaki’s, or work pants are allowed till the time they are not torn or in bad condition; Unacceptable pants are: sweatpants, jogging pants, or any pants with tears/rips or holes, frayed edges, etc. Closed toe shoes only.

Additional Notes

Personal Protective Equipment is provided by the company

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