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Senior Coordinator, Event and Promotions
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SEPT 6 2016 - LONSDALE Event Rentals’ Own brand of Fine Porcelain Tableware Arriving This Fall!

Our new rental tableware line is able to plate a dinner for over 18,000 guests – an equivalent of a sold out crowd at Rogers Arena! We’ve been working with fine porcelain for over 40 years and with the help of some amazing chefs, dining experts and customers like YOU, we’ve created our own LONSDALE fine porcelain line of tableware products brand “Tashi Fine Porcelain” We carefully sourced a factory that practices ethical manufacturing standards; no child labour, safe manufacturing processes, efforts for reduction of environmental impact and iso9000 certified.  The LONSDALE Tashi line is offered in a classic white coupe style with over 20 different pieces including dinner plates, cups, mugs, platters, and many other accessories. This line will soon be available for rent and for wholesale purchasing at competitive rates.


JULY 22, 2016 - 20,000+ New Glasses Just Arrived!

We are working hard to make sure we have the capacity, product availability, service and support to be there for you & your event!

20,000+ new glasses have arrived and have been unloaded from 2 more 40' container loads this week! Along with these are new custom designed wire glass racks to hold and transport them. Our wire glass racks have many special benefits to make things easier and more aesthetically pleasing onsite.


JULY 15, 2015 - LONSDALE Event Rentals New North Shore Location

LONSDALE's beautiful, new North Shore location will be opening July 26, it is located at 839 West 1st Street in North Vancouver and is only 1 block (~350m) from our current location. This new location's services & benefits are unique and its an "only of its kind" in North America!..perhaps anywhere!! We'll share more about that soon.

The new space will provide an area to pick up and return reserved orders as well as a place to view our products and meet with our Event Rental Specialists. There's something about this North Shore - Fell Avenue/West 1st area we LOVE!! Since 1975, we've relocated three times, but have always stayed within this block.

A huge shout out to our North Shore cherished customers for helping us expand and for making us who we are today!


JULY 7, 2016 - LONSDALE Event Rentals Opens New 50,000 SQ FT Distribution Center

Lonsdale Event Rentals new 50,000 sq ft distribution center in Burnaby is ready to serve our valued customers all over Metro Vancouver! Need to seat 4000+ of your best friends?..container loads are arriving daily with new table and seating options. Now, two locations to serve you - North Vancouver & Burnaby. Both locations offer a place to view our products, get expert advise and drop off or pick up order reservations.


JULY 2, 2016 - LONSDALE Event Rentals Opens Second Store Location in Burnaby

We're so very excited to announce the opening of our second store location in Burnaby at 8010 Winston St. This new location will provide our valued customers in the area a place to come see all our products and meet with our wonderful Special Event Specialists. The location also provides another location where YOU can pick up or drop off your orders in the Burnaby area.

Making life easier for you, pick up at either North Vancouver or Burnaby and drop off at the other location. 


JUNE 2, 2016 - LONSDALE Event Rentals Welcomes Two New Additional Trucks to the Fleet!

Two new trucks hit the streets. Keep an eye out for our PINK new HINOs joining our fuel-efficient delivery fleet.


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