Black Skirted Folding Bar

This is the most commonly used bar. It consists of three pieces; a black laminated folding bar top, a black laminated folding table and a black or white pleated skirt. The bar top mounts on top of the table with attachable legs, and the skirt fully wraps around the front and side of the bar with Velcro.  

Portable Beverage Bar

This is a black plastic bar on 4 wheels. It has three shelves, one plastic sink basin with drain. Does not include bottle holder or shelf stopper. Top of bar is 12" wide and 54" long. Entire unit stands 46" tall by 48" long. Weighs 120lbs.

Table Top Boxwood Champagne & Donut Wall

  This custom made piece features a table top version of our larger cabinet sized Champagne Wall. This smaller version is designed to sit on a table or some sturdy flat surface. It features two sides. The front is capable of holding champagne or other small glasses. The smaller glasses can be used to serve champagne, other cocktails or appetizers. The back side features multiple shelves capable of holding an assortment of items including donuts.

White Plexiglass Bar

Our Sky Bars offer a clean and chic look. The bars are made with white plexiglass panels that are framed in chrome. There is a interior shelf located on the inside of the bar. Multiple units can be pushed together to make longer bars as needed.