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Black Plastic Coat Hanger

  Black velvet coat hanger. All hangers are provided on a storage rack for transport and storage ease. Measures 16" wide.

100 Pc Pack Paper Coat Hanger Checks, 2 Pc

  Two piece coat check tickets. One piece remains on coat hanger, the other is passed to the guest. 100 tickets per pack.

Velour Stanchion Rope (Red or Blue)

Velour with chrome hardware stanchion ropes.

5′ Chrome Coat Rack on Wheels

  Chrome coat rack that can be disassembled into 4 pieces. Has 4 wheels for easy transportation. Holds approximately 50 coats per rack. Measures 60" long by 66" tall when assembled. Weighs 15 lbs.

Raffle Drum, 11″ x 8″ Small

Durable gold coloured raffle drum. The raffle roller cage has the capacity of 3000 raffle tickets or 100 ping pong balls per action.

Quick-Fold Tripod Easel

Our aluminum, folding easel is quick and easy to set up and provides three different height options for the peg arms. This unit is lightweight, but is sturdy and can handle a maximum load of apx 20 lbs.  

Mini Tabletop Patio Heater (propane)

Mini tabletop propane operated patio heater.

Electric Hot Dog Steamer

  The Steamon Demon is truly the easiest way to cook 20-80 hotdogs at a time. It also warms up to 30 buns at the same time. Simply add water, put all dogs in (up to 90 standard sized), put buns in...pull out as needed 45 mins later for unfrozen or 1hr later for frozen.

Carpet Runner 3′ x 25′

Our red carpets are a great option to add a touch of elegance to a walkway, main entrance or aisle. These carpets also provide a good solution for an area that may get wet or damp and will help with prevention of slipping on tiled surfaces.

8oz Popcorn Machine

A great counter-top model. Ideal for use at home parties, weddings and business functions or trade shows. Produces delicious, theater-quality popcorn in just minutes!

Rustic Wood Bar

Rustic Wood Bar Lonsdale Event Rentals is proud to offer our rustic wood bar. The perfect addition to any event