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Amuse spoon, stainless steel, curled

Category: Amuse Bouche - Tasting
Impress your guests with this great amuse bouche or appetizer serving piece. They're made of polished stainless steel, and are the size of a standard tea spoon. Place your creative food items of choice on them. Then place the spoons on a tray for serving or a platter for a self serve buffet and watch them disappear.

Serving note:
To keep your guest space tidy, always remember to be on your toes about picking these back up after they get passed around.

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Amuse spoon




stainless steel



Amuse spoon, stainless steel, curled
Rent Amuse spoon, stainless steel, curled
Starting at $0.83/1 to 3 days
or $2.08/week
Packaged quantity: 10 pieces
(you can select the rental dates before finishing your order)
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