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BBQ, black, propane, 6'x24"

Category: Barbeques
This grill is serious and is fantastic for larger events or grilling larger quantities of food.

Grill surface is 16x65 inches, with 8 individually controlled burners. 20,000 btu each. Measures 72x24x31 inches. Total weight 220lbs.

Propane gas only.

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propane, 6'x24"

BBQ, black, propane, 6'x24"
Rent BBQ, black, propane, 6'x24"
Starting at $173.60/1 to 3 days
or $434.00/week
(you can select the rental dates before finishing your order)
Size: 73"l x 29"w x 35"h. 250 lbs. Grill surface: 16.25"w x 65.25"l

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