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Dance Floor, oak, wood, 3 x 3

Category: Dancing & Presentations
Dance the night away on our hardwood light oak dance floor. This high quality floor can be quickly assembled by our service team in any indoor setting. The floor is assembled using 3\\\' x 3\\\' panels of floor so configurations are endless.

How To Choose The Right Dance Floor Size?.
1. Take the total number of guests (ie 100 people)
2. Assume that would be half couples(50 couples)
3. Half the people dancing at one time(25 couples)
4. Provide 9 square feet per couple from #3.(9 x 25 = 225 sq feet of flooring needed)

That will provide the approximate recommended size. That size can be made with the following:

15\\\' x 15\\\' (square configuration)
12\\\' x 18\\\' (rectangle configuration)

Please note this floor can only be used indoors on carpet, or other floors. Can not be used outdoors in tents or other covered areas)

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Dance Floor






3 x 3

Dance Floor, oak, wood, 3 x 3
Rent Dance Floor, oak, wood, 3 x 3
Starting at $23.27/1 to 3 days
or $58.18/week
(you can select the rental dates before finishing your order)
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