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"“Whether providing rentals for our intimate events or immense galas, we can always count on the Lonsdale Event team to elevate our events.”"

Bar Supplies rentals and supplies

Bar mats, towels, cocktail shakers, garbage cans, extension cords, raffle drums and various odds and ends are all available for rental.

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Ash urn, black, freestanding, 30
Ash urn, black, freestanding, 30"
Black plastic freestanding ash urn. Removable metal bin can ...
$18.46/1 to 3 days
or $46.15/week
Ashtray, glass, round, 5
Ashtray, glass, round, 5"
A good all purpose, glass ashtray. Measures 5" in diamet...
$1.75/1 to 3 days
or $4.38/week
Bar Mat Carpet, black, 4' x 6'
Bar Mat Carpet, black, 4' x 6'
Rubber mat for use behind the bar or indoor entrance. Measur...
$14.00/1 to 3 days
or $35.00/week
Bar Towel, green stripe
Bar Towel, green stripe
White utility bar towel with green stripe. Used for general ...
$2.55/1 to 3 days
or $6.38/week
Bus pan, plastic, 20
Bus pan, plastic, 20"x14"x5"
Plastic bus pan commonly used for clearing tables. It will h...
$2.97/1 to 3 days
or $7.43/week
Cigar ashtray, glass, square, 6
Cigar ashtray, glass, square, 6"
Classic square glass ashtray. Mainly used for cigars. Measur...
$3.39/1 to 3 days
or $8.48/week
This is the classic bartenders bottle opener & corkscrew. It...
$2.23/1 to 3 days
or $5.58/week
Cutting Board, white, plastic, 18.5
Cutting Board, white, plastic, 18.5"x24"
Made of high-density polyethylene Nonabsorbent and safe for...
$8.59/1 to 3 days
or $21.48/week
Drip tray, black, rubber, 23
Drip tray, black, rubber, 23"
This essential black rubber drip tray is used to pour drinks...
$2.86/1 to 3 days
or $7.15/week
Garbage can, plastic, 24
Garbage can, plastic, 24"x18"
Standard plastic garbage can, typically grey or dark blue in...
$7.95/1 to 3 days
or $19.88/week
Wine bucket, stainless steel
Wine bucket, stainless steel
Stainless steel bucket with fluted edge. Mainly used for tab...
$9.73/1 to 3 days
or $24.33/week
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