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"Without your presence, attention to detail, ability to respond to last minute requests and professionalism, our success would not have happened."
Christy Wilson,
Sales and Marketing Manager

Baskets rentals and supplies


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Basket, wicker, oval, 9
Basket, wicker, oval, 9" x 6"
Wicker basket mainly used as a tabletop bread basket. Measur...
$1.56/1 to 3 days
or $3.90/week
Basket, stainless steel, round, 8.5
Basket, stainless steel, round, 8.5"
Stainless steel wire basket. Mainly used as an upscale table...
$4.05/1 to 3 days
or $10.13/week
Basket, black, wicker, 11
Basket, black, wicker, 11" x 16" x 3"
black plastic wicker basket...
$4.68/1 to 3 days
or $11.70/week
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