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RETAIL: Sterno Fuel, 6.7oz/2hr

Flammable gel fuel used for warming of chafers and soup tureens. Each 8oz cannister will burn for 2 hours.

Standard Chafing Dish, 12″x 20″

Keep your food nice and hot so it can be enjoyed over a longer period of time - perfect for larger family dinners or catered affairs.

Deluxe Chrome Chafing Dish, 12″ x 20″

  Keep your food nice and hot so it can be enjoyed over a longer period of time – perfect for larger family dinners or catered affairs. One unit can hold any of these inserts: 2″ full, 4″ full, 2″ half, 4″ half, 4″ third. Whole chafer measures 12″ wide by 20″ long by 13″ tall. NOTE Two 8oz sterno fuel and at least one insert are required to operate.

Popcorn Machine – 8oz

Elevate any occasion with our 8oz Popcorn Machine. Delivering theater-quality popcorn in minutes, it's perfect for parties, weddings, and more. Sleek metal frame, tempered glass, and 140 servings per hour. Make your event pop!

Warming Cabinets

Commercial grade warming cabinets. Insulated box on four wheels.

Round Stainless Chafing Dish, 14″

A popular option for serving one food item. This unit can hold one 2" round insert. Whole chafer measures 14" in diameter by 11" tall. NOTE One 8oz sterno fuel and one round insert are required to operate.

Cambro Food Carrier

Insulated warming box, often used for transporting food. It will hold up to three 2" full chafer inserts. It has 2 handles and 2 locking hinges to keep door secure and food very warm. It is an insulated unit and can also keep food cold as an enclosed cooler would. Measures 16" wide by 22" deep by 20" tall. Weighs 20 pounds.

Plate Jack Prepping Stand, 104 plate

  The plate jacks are designed for organizing plated meals to ensure efficient service. It works by individually holding each plate with two adjustable wire fingers. The plate is prepped, placed on the rack, then once heated food is ready, it can be quickly placed and quickly served. Unit has 4 heavy duty wheels and holds 104 plates on 26 "shelves". Measures 24" by 24" by 66" tall.

120v Electric Tabletop Convection Oven- 1/2 Size Sheets

Industrial, high performance Cadco convection oven. It is used to bake and melt various food items. It has three wire racks inside the unit. It is stainless steel, and has a glass hinged door with easy operation controls. Holds three half size baking sheets (not included). Outside dimensions are 23.5" wide by 23.75" long by 15.75" tall. Dedicated plug is recommended. 1450W and 120V. Weights 55lbs.

RETAIL: Butane Canister, 230g

Butane is a compressed light gas with qualities similar to propane. It comes in a small cannister that is used for the saute burner. Measures 7" by 2.5". Holds 230g of fuel.

Butane Saute Burner, 12″

  Portable butane saute burner unit. Great for doing sautes and other small cooking needs not requiring a very high level of heat. Unit is light weight and easy to use, running on a 230g butane fuel cannister. Each butane canister will last approximately 2 hour. Cooking surface measures 10" by 10". Total dimensions are 12" by 12" by 3" tall. Weighs 5lbs. Fuel not included in rental.