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By renting equipment from LONSDALE Event Rentals (referred to hereafter as ‘the lessor’), you (referred to hereafter as ‘the lessee’) accept that the all rental items are in good, functional condition at the time received.

The rental contract forms the sole agreement between the lessee and the lessor.  The lessee agrees to indemnify and hold the lessor harmless of any claims from use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the lessee’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defense of such claims.

Rentals are subject to the availability of items and manpower.  Upon accepting the lessee’s credit card confirmed reservation, the lessor agrees to reserve all items listed in the reservation and commit these resources to the lessee’s event.


  1. The lessee agrees to pay the rental rate for the period the rental items are used and in transit.
  2. The lessee further agrees to promptly return the rental items at the end of the rental period in the same condition as received.
  3. The lessee also agrees to pay for any damages to, or loss of, the rented items occurring during their time of possession or because of loss and or damage from improperly packing the return of rental items’ shipment.
  4. It is the lessee’s responsibility to check the reservation and rental contract for accuracy concerning items rented and location(s) for delivery and return.  It is the lessee’s responsibility to make sure that any human error in order entry is corrected.  Lessor will pack the items listed on the reservation.  Lessor is not responsible for items assumed to be rented which are not on the order.  The last copy of the reservation in the lessor’s computer system will be honoured.
  5. The lessee acknowledges that they are personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date. Notification of any defects must be made on or before this date. The lessee acknowledges that there are no warranties on items from minor defects, as there may be some normal wear and tear that is not readily apparent. These defects do not constitute a breach of contract.
  6. If a rental item becomes unavailable due to damage upon its previous return, all efforts will be made to substitute another or a refund will be given for that particular item.
  7. One (1) full rental rate is charged, even for a partial days use. There are absolutely no refunds for early returns.  Refunds are not issued for rental items returned unused. The lessee agrees to pay the regular rental rate for each day that the rental items are in the lessee’s possession and until it is returned to the lessor.
  8. The lessee will also pay the lessor for any charges incurred by the lessor to recover rental items not promptly returned when requested. The lessor retains title to the rental items at all times.  All rental items remain the property of the lessor. Lessor has the right to end this rental contract and take possession of the rental items if it is not returned on request.
  9. The lessor assumes no responsibility for damage or other liability of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the rental equipment. The lessee agrees that the limit of our liability is limited to a refund of the actual RENTAL charge ONLY, if confirmed and approved by lessor after inspection.
  10. The venue of any legal disputes concerning the rental contract are to be filed in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
  11. The lessee and lessor agrees that an emailed copy of the reservation/rental contract can serve as a legal binding consent to the rental contract and its terms and conditions regarding the items specified on the reservation/rental contract.


Lessee assumes full responsibility for all rented items, including their safe and proper use, operation, maintenance, and return. Lessee is responsible for all losses, damages, or repairs. Items are to be used for their intended purposes with normal wear and protected from damage due to neglect, abuse or misuse.  It is recommended to store and transport rental items at event site in their original storage containers. 

  • Storage: Store all equipment in an area protected from theft, vandalism or weather
  • LinensShake linen free of debris, food etc.  Do not place linen in trash bags that could be mistaken for garbage. Special, breathable linen laundry bags will be provided for returning rented linen.
  • Glassware: Empty glasses of all liquids and return in their original racks/crates. Place with stems up.
  • Flatware: Large food debris to be cleared off all flatware and place in crates as received. 
  • Dishes: Scrape plates clear of all food and place in the shipping crates as received.

No adhesives, glitter or sparkles are to be used on any items. Returned items must be free of wax, excessive food, garbage, tape and pins/staples. Chair cover ties and sashes must be undone prior to return to avoid an untying fee.  Wet items should be dried before being placed in bags for return or mold will form. Wax, sparkles, and mold will always ruin linen and result in charges being applied. 

Placing rentals in the incorrect racks/crates can result in breakage, and will be charged to the lessee accordingly.

The replacement cost for storage bags, rack, and crates not returned will be applied.


Lessor will make its best effort to deliver at requested delivery times, however delivery schedules are subject to traffic, weather, fortuitous events and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver.  When possible, we recommend that deliveries be scheduled at least (1) day before the event date to reduce the risk that the time of delivery would affect the success of your event. 

Upon delivery, we recommend that someone is present to verify that everything has been delivered.  We can only accept quantity or item discrepancies to your order prior to the event.  If you do not arrange to have someone onsite at the time of delivery, our driver will leave your rental items at a predetermined location as noted by lessee.  In this case, you agree to accept the order as complete and all delivered equipment in good working order as per your reservation and rental contract.  Lessee assumes all risk and liability of damage or injury during installation and set-up of rental items.  Deliveries are made to an area readily accessible to our trucks.  Extra charges may apply for long carriers, extensive stairs or elevator deliveries, and/or repeated delivery or driver return pick-up attempts, as well as additional wait time on site to gain access.

3.1 Standard Delivery

Standard service includes drop off to and pickup from one specific pre-designated area at the address provided, near the trucks parked location. Up to twelve (12) exterior stairs or one (1) exterior flight at no extra fees. Details regarding elevators, added labour and setup or takedown options and rates are listed below.

3.2 Standard Driver Return

Please have all rentals taken down, stacked, and placed back in the crates and containers you received them in. If the items are not put back in the correct transport containers, this may result in breakage or other damage. Please note that if our drivers determine the items not safe for transport, added onsite labour fees may be charged to repack the rentals. Sometimes our drivers can’t see this right away, so may proceed with collection. In this case, items returned in the incorrect crates, and therefore damaged in transport, will be added to your final receipt.

3.3 Onsite Labour Fees

When will additional charges apply?

We are here to go above and beyond our call of duty to save you time and manpower on timely setup. We offer unstack, setup, stack or takedown service on the following items:

  • Elevator access to drop off and/or pickyp destination
  • Table setup / takedown
  • Chair setup / takedown
  • Tent & weight set up / takedown
  • Tent wall setup / takedown
  • Pipe & drape setup / takedown

Additional labour fees will be charged for orders with extreme distance from parked truck, elevators, orders not properly packed for pick up, wait times to access site or other conditions that require additional time. We charge a small fee when elevators are involved to get to the drop off or pickup destination as elevators are often shared with the public and require added onsite time that cannot be estimated in advance.

Please advise of these obstructions when placing your order. 

Items not ready for pickup as scheduled will incur onsite labour fees based on time onsite as well as the per unit takedown/stack fee.

3.4 Theft & Loss

Customers are responsible for items from the time they are dropped off, to the time they are picked up or returned to LONSDALE Event Rentals. Product theft or damage between those times is the responsibility of the customer.

3.5 Safe Conditions

Drivers have the right to refuse any delivery/pickup that they deem as unsafe or hazardous to their safety. 

3.6 Dock Deliveries 

Due to the unpredictability of the ocean, we are unable to deliver rentals onto moving docks or boats.


Revisions can be made to your attached rental reservation up to 5pm three (3) business days before your scheduled delivery without any cancellation fees.  Additions are subject to availability.

Reductions or cancellations requested within two (2) business days will be subject to a cancellation fee.  Additions within two (2) business days are subject to availability.

Details changed via email or phone cannot be guaranteed unless changes are captured in a copy of the reservation emailed to you.  Should any conflict arise, the latest copy emailed to you will be honoured.

100% Cancellation Charges apply when; 1. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice prior to the delivery date; 2. Orders have been staged, which means the truck has been loaded or the order has been prepared; 3. Orders are cancelled on delivery at the event site.


Upon return and inspection, any and all repairs necessary and or items missing that were itemized will be charged at our current replacement rates and billed to the lessee. 

All rental items must be ready for driver return at the scheduled times noted on your rental contract and placed into their original storage containers.  If the lessee is not on-site at time of driver return pick-up, the lessee agrees to accept lessor counts conducted at the Central Distribution Warehouse. 

If missing items are found after our scheduled driver return pick-up has departed with the rentals to the Central Distribution Warehouse for check-in, the lessee is responsible for returning found items to the Central Distribution Warehouse in a timely manner to avoid additional rental charges.  We can return to the event location for a second driver return pick-up at an additional charge. 

For missing, damaged or broken rental items and/or transport containers the following will apply: 

  1. Missing items under $75 (excluding taxes) in replacement costs will be charged to the lessee’s credit card automatically.
  2. Missing items over $75 (excluding taxes) in replacement costs will be billed to the lessee and payment collected if items are not returned within the grace period of two (2) business days.
  3. Damaged or broken rental items will be charged the replacement cost upon inspection and during the contract closing process.  

If missing items are returned within seven (7) business days, the lessee may be eligible for a refund on the replacement cost but the delinquent items are subject to extra rental fees for the additional days out of inventory. 

Missing Items returned on or after seven (7) business days will NOT be eligible for a refund nor credit of the replacement costs.  The lessor’s commitment to other rental order would have required the lessor to repurchase items missing from inventory.


All equipment is inspected and tested before leaving the Central Distribution Warehouse.  However, in transit, certain items may shift and cause operational difficulty.  Before asking for a replacement item, troubleshoot your set-up.  Replacement of inoperable equipment during working hours is free of charge.  However, if asked to make a site visit and we find the equipment to be operating, service charges may apply. 

Equipment failure must be communicated to Lonsdale Event Rentals prior to the event commencement to qualify for a replacement, credit or refund.


LONSDALE Event Rentals optional damage waiver is exclusively a damage or breakage waiver; it is not insurance and does not cover loss or theft.  The waiver equates to 8% of the total rental order and allows for up to $150 of damage or breakage.

To be eligible for coverage, proof of damage or breakage is required. Approved forms of notification include, by phone, email or a discussion with driver upon return of breakage that occurred. Please note that anything notified to us after the closed contract has been emailed out will not qualify or be refunded. 

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