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How it Works

Step One: Obtain a Quote

This can be done in three ways:

  1. Adding items to your shopping cart on our website
  2. Emailing us at
  3. Call our Event Rental Specialist at 604-422-8999

We will email you a PDF copy of your quotation for your review.

Step Two: Confirm Your Rental Order

Once you are ready to confirm your rental order, as seen, give us a call to provide your credit card (VISA or MC only at this time). Once we have your confirmation, your items will be held for the dates requested. Please note that without your confirmation via Credit card on file, items are NOT being held for you at this time and can be booked by another event organizer.
Now that your Quotation has been confirmed, it becomes a reservation and the rental inventory is held/reserved for your rental order.
Order changes are still permitted for this rental order while it is a reservation. Every change must be reflected in a PDF copy and emailed back to you for your review. It is your responsibility to confirm correct rental information on the most up-to-date / recent reservation. Any changes not reflected on the reservation will not be honoured.

Two (2) business days prior to your order out date, the credit card on file for the reservation will be charged the full balance amount of the rental order. This will signal our Central Distribution Warehouse (CDW) to clean, pack and conduct a quality review of the rental items. Items will be ready for delivery by the start of business on your scheduled order out date. It is your responsibility to confirm correct rental dates on the rental order.

Once rental items are returned and counted Lonsdale Event Rentals will send a copy of the invoice/receipt showing the closing of the rental contract and the total payment received.

If any rentals with a replacement cost over $75.00 are missing, we will let you know by email prior to charging your card on file. If any items have been damaged, full replacement fees will be charged.

Please note all order changes must be made by email or by phone, and confirmed by an Event Rental Specialist. Please note that your order will not be updated without notifying you, so if you have not been notified that we’ve received your change, it may not have been received.
Only the most up-to-date or recent copy of the reservation will be honoured. Ensure you receive a PDF or hardcopy from Lonsdale Event Rentals of your revised changes.

Final Changes - Cut-off Time

All orders are pre-packed, organized, and quality checked the day before the pick-up date.

To ensure availability and your peace of mind – we strongly recommend that new orders and order revisions be made well in advance or at the latest by 5pm, three (3) business days before your scheduled delivery or self pick-up date. And must be communicated to us and confirmed back by 5pm, 1 business day in order to make it on the truck.

Order Revisions/Cancellations

You can make changes to your order 24/7 here.
Revisions can be made to your attached rental reservation up to 5pm three (3) business days before your scheduled delivery without any cancellation fees. Additions are subject to availability.

Reductions or cancellations requested within two (2) business days will be subject to a cancellation fee. Additions within two (2) business days are subject to availability.

Details changed via email or phone cannot be guaranteed unless changes are captured in a copy of the reservation emailed to you. Should any conflict arise, the latest copy emailed to you will be honoured.

Standard Rental Rate

Lonsdale Event Rentals’ standard rental rate allows for up to 3-days of time out of inventory for rental use starting the first day the items are out of inventory (i.e. packaged and awaiting delivery or self pick-up). Prices on the website are subject to change. Once a reservation is placed and payment taken, prices are locked-in as quoted.

Extended Rental Rates

Some flexibility may be available for extended rental rates depending on the season and availability of products. Please call to speak with a store associate for specific information and accurate pricing.


Full payment will be processed two (2) business days prior to your scheduled delivery date. Once payment is received, your items will be taken out of inventory, packaged and a quality check conducted. Your rental items will be loaded for delivery as indicated on the rental reservation.
Your order will not be released until full payment is processed.

Any changes to the payment credit card, must be called in by 8am two (2) business days before your rental order is out date to avoid any additional fees. Any change to the payment credit card requested two (2) days or less before the order out date will be subject to a processing fee of $25. No changes to the payment credit card is available after the order has been delivered or picked-up.

Unused Rental Items

Rental items are billed for time out of inventory. No refunds will be given for unused products.

Condition of Returned Items

Prior to the start of your scheduled collection window, all equipment should be free of food and replaced in their appropriate containers.

  • Linens should be dry and refuse free to prevent mildew and staining, and placed in the linen bag provided for their return.

  • Tables, chairs and other rental items should be folded and gathered in a single location for a convenient pickup.

Responsibility for Equipment

Responsibility for rented items remains with the customer from receipt to return. Customers are responsible for all breakage and lost equipment including containers, with payment due upon return.

Statutory Holidays

LONSDALE Event Rentals is closed Sundays and Statutory holidays. Stat holiday delivery or return fees apply, or you can schedule your return for the next business day, at no extra cost.
Have questions?

Please call 604.422.8999 or email and a store associate will be happy to help you!

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