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Popcorn Package w/ Butter

  All-in-one popcorn package. Made with coconut oil and artificial butter. Each package will make 27 cups of popcorn or fill 5 to 7 standard 6oz popcorn bags. No refunds or exchanges.

50 Pk Paper Popcorn Bag Pack

  Printed white popcorn bags. Measure 4" by 2.5" by 6" tall. Hold 6oz of popcorn. 50 bags per package.

Electric Hot Dog Steamer

  The Steamon Demon is truly the easiest way to cook 20-80 hotdogs at a time. It also warms up to 30 buns at the same time. Simply add water, put all dogs in (up to 90 standard sized), put buns in...pull out as needed 45 mins later for unfrozen or 1hr later for frozen.

Electric Commercial Popcorn Machine

  A great counter-top model. Ideal for use in social clubs, video stores, larger break areas, restaurants, small bars, country clubs, and waiting rooms. This metal framed, tempered glass enclosed unit is great for popping lots of popcorn. It has a decorative "popcorn" label across the front. It requires 10-15 minutes to pop its first bag. We highly recommend using the all in one 8oz popcorn package. Butter should never be used in place of high temperature oil. Measures 19" wide by 14" long by 25" high. Weighs 40lbs. 120volt 1200 watt 10 amp